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International Import Service

- Import from Hong Kong : Hong Kong is a perfect international ports for its' duty fee or low duty policy, most of goods import to China need unload in Hongkong then transit to mainland China, while we Sinocargo, is powerful for import goods from Hongkong, we can pick up from Hongkong, repackage, unload / load from hongkong, truck or feeder to Shenzhen and other ports of China in a convenient and safe way.
- Import from USA: We can pick up goods from anywhere in United States, and delivery to China, and cash on delivery is acceptable for us.
- Import from European: For the merchants who import from European countries such as British,Germany,Netherlands,French, Spain, Norway,Italy, we can manage picking up, air freight, sea freight, courier, customs declaration, door delivery as well.
- Import from Oceania: Mostly import from Australia and New Zealand.

Import Services Including:

- Freight Forwarding Service
- Consultancy Services
- Tariff classification Advice
- Valuation Advice
- Duty Drawback Advice
- Free Trade Agreement Advice
- Import Permit Application
- Tariff Concession Order Advice
- Import Licensing Advice
- Intellectual Properties Advice
- Duty Preference Claim
- Vehicle Importation Advice
- Tradex Order Advice
- Treatment & Fumigation Advice

What Goods China Usually Import:

1, General Goods: vehicles, machinery, equipment, digital products, food, clothing, baby products, toys, shoes, slippers, sandals, plastics, computer, switch, mattresses, books, needle, toys, clothing, bags, masks, foam earplugs, Kao goggles, cotton, small appliances, fabrics, leather, adhesive film, polarizer film, tools, bearings, blank plate, tap fittings, wallpaper, screws and other metal plastics, garment accessories, rubber...
2, Dangerous goods such as powder, adult products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, health care Products, chemical products, battery, magnet, large old machines, Red wine and other sensitive goods.
3, All Over-sized or over-weighted cargo such as yachts, bus, truck, special vehicles, wind power equipment, cement equipment, oil equipment, ductile iron pipe, cement, steel, timber, grain, minerals and so on.