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FBA Double tax package

FBA amazon double tax package is a special FBA service through integration of logistics activity, from door picking up,sea or air or courier transport then to amazon warehouse delivery including TO ASSIST both countries customs and tax clearance.

FBA amazon double tax package routing: 

- FBA US ( the United States )double the tax package 
- FBA Canada double tax package 
- FBA Australia double tax package 
- FBA UK ( the United Kindom )double tax package 
- FBA German double tax package 
- FBA French double tax package 
- FBA Spain tax package 
- FBA Italy double tax package 
- FBA India double tax package 
- FBA Mexico double tax package 
- FBA Japan double tax package 

Why do you choose FBA amazon double tax package: 

- To help these who have been checked goods by customs for many times, or in the local customs blacklist who is difficult to import and export 
- To help these who are lack of certificate file.
- To help these whose goods are miscellaneous which are more difficult to pass customs clearance. 

Double tax package delivery method: 

- Use international express UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX, TNT to destination country, after customs clearance, paying tax, then send to amazon warehouse. 
- By air to destination country, after customs clearance and taxes then by international express or the local courier company sending to amazon warehouse. 
- Sea shipping FCL / LCL to the destination country, after customs clearance,tax, disassembly, then dispatch to amazon warehouse. 

Double tax package one-stop operating procedures: 

1, Booking 
The booking shall include the following: shipper,Amazon address in detail, loading port, destination, requested route(by air or by courier or by FLC or by LCL sea), declaration for transport value, value for customs declaration, Insurance amount, the actual cargo gross weight, freight rate agreed, chargeable weight, commodity and quantity of the goods, the shipper signature etc.
2, the commodity inspection(if needed) 
3, receiving 
A: Deliver by supplier: Should bring our S/L which indicate the SO number, company name, contact person, telephone, cargo information for warehouse receiving and management.
B: Picking up: Goods picked up by our company, customer should provide specific receiving address, contact person, telephone number, picking up time and other related information, so as to arrange pick up the goods on time. 
4, Customs clearance
5, Shipping as per request 
6, B/L and cargo tracking 
7, The destination port customs clearance 
8, Re-packing & labling ( if needed ) 
9, Making appointment in advance with amazon warehouse 
10, Amazon warehouse delivery.