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FBA Amazon

Which country we have FBA Amazon service:
- China to 
Amazon USA 
- China to FBA Amazon Canada 
- China to FBA Amazon Japan 
- China to FBA Amazon India 
- China to FBA Amazon UK 
- China to FBA Amazon Germany 
- China to FBA Amazon Italy
- China to FBA Amazon France 
- China to FBA Amazon Spain
- China to FBA Amazon Netherland  
- China to FBA Amazon Mexico 
- China to FBA Amazon Austrania

FBA Amazon service for the sellers on Amazon.com

If you are an international seller currently selling or looking to start selling on Amazon.com then Sinocargo China is the solution you’ve been looking for. An international merchant who sells on Amazon.com can only send their unfulfillable items to a nation address. Otherwise, your items will either sit in a warehouse or Amazon will disperse of these products which could cost a merchant thousands of dollars a month.As you know, amazon has very specific requirements such as carton labels, pallet type, pallet height, pallet labels, Sinocargo offers a service with all of these, you can send your items to our international warehouse for inspection, repackaging, relabeling and shipping back down to Amazon. 

Top 3 reason to choose Sinocargo FBA France services for your goods selling on amazon.com

One-stop Amazon fulfillment freight forwarder service - Selling on Amazon.com, time is treasure, you need simply handle your cargo over to Sinocargo and keep your strength on your business, let we Sinocargo do the proffesional job of amazon fulfillment,let us pick, declear customs, ship, tax, and deliver the goods to France Amazon warehouse.
On-time delivery – Each customer is special, each shipment needs its' time meet its' Amazon inventory, Sinocargo has enough space with shipping lines and airlines, each of our colleagues is well educated and well trained, we have our own vehicles and warehouse,to ensure that your goods are picked up / loaded / delivered on time.
Different delivery options – Courier deliery with UPS / DHL / TNT / EMS / Fedex, Air Shipping, FCL Shipping, LCL consol, you can choose the most economic and efficient way which suits your business requirements and budget. 

The services we provide for FBA Amazon are as follows:

- Picking up from door supplier
- Warehousing for transport
- Courier Express or by air or by sea to destiantion ports
- Picking up from sea ports or air ports
- Warehouse storage
- Segregation
- Re-labeling
- Carton labels
- Pallet labels
- Re-palletizing to Amazon specifications
- Amazon warehouse delivery

What you need to prepare:

A booking for space reservation
Choosing a suitable shipping way, by express freight? by air freight + courier? or by sea freight + courier?
Packing List, Invoice for customs declaration

How is FBA process work

Step 1 Once your products are under production in China, create an account with our company and then place a shipping order.
Step 2 Sending us packing list, invoice for precise shipping quote.
Step 3 We arrange picking up, warehouse, repackig if needed, customs clearance, shipping,transport to destination country's warehouse.
Step 4 Transporting to Amazon warehouse and you are ready for business.

Want to make all FBA Amazon things simple? want to grow your business much more quickly? Let we Sinocargo China help you out with the process, our ultimate service has been ready for all international Amazon.com FBA merchants. Contact us now at info@sinocargo.com for cooperation.