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Dangerous & Sensitive goods


Sinocargo is focused in hazardous cargo, sensitive goods transport, special sized cargo and special temperature needed products transportation, throughout more than 10 years efforts, we have established a complete service network in nation China and international.

What special cargo we can accept by Air & Courier: 

Built-in battery products such as mobile power supply, car emergency starter, mobile phones, balanced car, aircraft model, electric cars, scooters, 
tablet, etc. 
Pure battery: lithium batteries, dry batteries, button batteries, cell phone batteries, camera batteries, laptop batteries, 18650 model, aircraft batteries, lead-acid batteries, battery, solar cells, etc. 

1. hair products: hair oil, wax, hair cream, hair dew, hair pulp 
2. skin care products: creme creams, lotions, oils, lotions, a refreshing, shampoo, eye week skin care, facial mask, wash a face 
3. makeup products: powder, rouge, eyebrows, eye shadow, eyelid, eye hair,lip balm, and bright lip oil, lipstick, lip liner 
4. toenail supplies: repair and maintenance classes, painter, clean bleaching 
5. aromatic products: perfume, hair color, perm, hair removal, breast beauty, fitness, deodorant, spot, sunscreen cosmetics 

1. chemical mines: sulfur ore, boron ore, potash, and other chemical mines 
2. Inorganic chemical raw materials: acid, alkali and other metal salts, inorganic salt oxide, elemental, industrial gases, and other inorganic chemical raw materials 
3. Organic chemical raw materials: basic organic chemical raw materials, organic materials, organic intermediates 
4. Chemical fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, compound fertilizer, trace element fertilizers, other fertilizers, bacteria fertilizer, pesticide 
5. Pesticides, fungicides Herbicide plant growth regulator The biological pesticide of rodenticide mixed dosage forms 
6. Polymer, synthetic resin and plastics, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber sheet (poly), plastic products and other polymers 
7. Coating and inorganic pigments, paint, special printing ink and other coatings, inorganic pigments 
8. Dye and organic pigment: fiber with dyes, leather dyes, pigment printing paste, film with dyes, organic pigments, other dyes 
9. chemicals: film base, film, X-ray, special film, photographic chemicals, magnetic recording materials 
10. Chemical reagents, general reagents, high purity reagents and high purity materials 
11. Food and feed additives
12. The synthesis of pharmaceuticals, anti-infection, antipyretic analgesics, vitamin drugs, drug resistance to parasitic disease, endocrine system, antitumor drugs, cardiovascular drugs, respiratory drugs antiasthmatic, nervous system drugs... 

Sensitive products: 
electronic products, imitation brand, food, moon cake, dry goods, cutlery, tea, pure, compressor, motor, motor capacitor, electronic 
cigarettes, smoke oil, sexual supplies, adult supplies, mahjong, air conditioners, refrigerators, CDS, ink cartridges, drums, etc 

All copy brand products
all famous brand, all luxuries 
What special cargo we can accept by FCL, LCL shipping: 

1. Special container: open top container, flat container, 45 feet container, hanging container 
2. Frozen food logistics: professional frozen food transportation service, meet all kinds of frozen products, such as chicken duck fish, etc 
3. Dangerous goods: can accept dangerous goods from Class 1 to Class 9, such as powder, chemicals, fertilizer, cosmetics, battery,  magnetic products 
4. Sensitive cargo transportation 
5. High value products, branded products, luxury, copy branded products, and etc