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International Air Freight China

Through our global network of agents, we are able to deliver cost effective services for all your export and import shipments. Our teams create specific freight solutions based on your demands of quality and pricing; from small shipments to oversized or heavy-load cargo - we deliver not only your goods, but also the solution to your satisfaction.

Top 3 reasons to choose Sinocargo air freight services over others:

Cover more destinations – Unlike other freight forwarders, Sinocargo have discount freight from almost all the airliners so that our air freight services allow you to ship anywhere in the world. This also covers small cities and regions that are difficult to travel to. Using Sinocargo air freight services, you can reach to more customers and increase your profits to a great extent.
On-time delivery – Compared to other air freight provider, Sinocargo each colleague is well educated and well trained, we have our own vehicles and warehouse,to ensure that your goods are picked up on time. Our selected air freight services are based on your delivery time demands and you can find a better freight with a faster transit plan than with other freight forwarders. Sinocargo air freight services are perfect for businesses which deal in time-sensitive products. 
Different delivery options –Sinocargo provides air freight services offer different ways to deliver shipments by air. This includes express, air shipping, FBA Amazon and also charter flights. You can choose the one which suits your business requirements and budget. 

Air Freight Services:

- FBA Amazon
- Air Charters 
- SEA-Air Services 
- Air-SEA Services 
- Transshipment Services
- Global Network 
- Door to Door 
- Insurance 
- Consular / Export Documentation 
- Dangerous Goods
- Customs Clearance

See how Sinocargo is perfect for you, email us at info@sinocargo.com to get a better solution for your goods exporting from China from now on.